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About Us

AA World Trade Marketing, Inc. is your global marketplace wholesaler and distributor in Moseley, VA where you can find reliable wholesale and retail merchandise, quality products. We are manufacturers' representatives as well as distributors, export, and import agents; and we also offer Accounting, LegalShield and tax preparation services for small businesses. Because of our strong relationships with leading product distributors, we can provide customers direct access to the latest, most popular, and hardest-to-find products on the web. We provide clothing, personal electronics, accessories, and more!

At AAWTM, sales and service are the lifeblood of our business. We have more than 30 years' experience building and maintaining steady sales which are vital to our success. As our sales increase, we will know we are on our way of becoming a successful business.

Achieve personal and financial freedom when you become an associate. Our business tools are an effective way to generate new sales to start and grow your own business. Find out how you can get started by contacting us today.

A Word from Our President

Our mission at "Your Global Market Place" is to offer its customers many products and services worldwide in a manner which best serves our customers and clients with due regards to proper business practices, regulatory requirements, and product reliability where our products and services are used. All of our wholesale and retail merchandise is available for shipment within 24 hours. policies are designed to conform to United States and International Trade Regulations. We invite you to learn more about AAWTM products and services today.

Maurice Smith
CEO\President, AAWTM